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Here are some directions for getting to Ouray as well as other popular destinations around the area.

Driving Directions from Denver:

The drive from Denver to Ouray only takes five hours. This may seem like a long drive but because the scenery is so beautiful, it really does go much faster than it seems.

Take I70 West past Glenwood Springs and almost to Grand Junction. Take exit 37 (Clifton) and go 1 mile to Highway 141 (streetlight). Turn left onto 141 and proceed 5.5 miles to Highway 50. Turn left onto Highway 50. Proceed on Highway 50 through Delta and Montrose (about 1 hour from the time you turn onto Highway 50 until you get to Montrose).

When you get into Montrose, you want go straight on the same highway you have been on which will turn into Highway 550. You will see a sign for Ouray (Highway 550) in the middle of Montrose. Continue on Highway 550 through Ridgway and into Ouray (about 35 miles from Montrose to Ouray).


Directions from Ouray to Telluride:

Telluride is a short and scenic 40 minute drive from Ouray. Go north on Highway 550 to Ridgway. Turn left onto Highway 62 and proceed about 20 minutes until you reach a left turn for Highway 145. Turn left onto Highway 145 and drive for approximately 15 minutes to Telluride.

Directions from Ouray to Silverton and Durango:

The drive from Ouray to Durango has been referred to as the most scenic drive in America. The first part of the drive is on a section of road called the 'Million Dollar Highway'. This famous road was built back in the 1800's when miners needed to get their gold and silver down to Silverton. This road has incredible views and some other unique features you will not soon forget.

Go south on Highway 550 from Ouray to Silverton (about 35 minutes) and if you want to continue to Durango, stay on Highway 550 for just over another hour. This is a drive you will remember for many years to come.

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